Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Time Machine of the Macabre

Greetings and condolences fellow (time)travelers. Hey Check it out!!!! Uncle Forry would get a kick out of this one! I have just now realized that a promise I made in December has not been fulfilled, and for that I am ashamed. But today I look to make amends and honour that commitment by going back in time to February the 26th to uphold my promise. Upon the passing of Uncle Forry I committed that I would honour his memory with a post bimonthly in the tradition he set forth with a likewise commitment to the memory of Lon Chaney Sr. Seeing that the records show that Forry himself slipped up on said promise, I trust his ephemeral hereafter will smile warmly and forgive my transgression. (or was there one at all?????) Cheers to you Forrest J.

Hey check out this piece of 4E flotsam of fiction. A nice compilation of short stories assembled by the Ackermonster.

Compiled by
Forrest J Ackerman (Dr. Acula)
Edited by Lynne Rock
284 pages, 6"x 9", illustrated
Trade Paper: ISBN 0-918736-30-7

Available for online order at Rock Publishing

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