Friday, July 17, 2009

Blogue Macabre goes on Hiatus

Greetings and condolences again my fellow travelers. I hope you have been navigating about the banks of the Styx successfully in my absence Well if it wasn't apparent already, the Blogue is going on hiatus for a while.

Through times and time again, one such as myself gets a first hand view of the macabre goings on in the lands of both the living and the dead. The celebrations of life and death and the more ominous and disturbing evils that are inherent in both worlds. As a traveler here on the banks, a citizen of the neither world between the two worlds, it has been my privilege to be an impartial observer. Well the time has come to place that impartiality behind me and be counted among the forces of good. To fulfill my duty to those who have crossed over before defending what is right. That does not preclude my return to the banks, when my duty allows, but for the time being, I owe it to you my fellow travelers to speak of my prolonged absence, and I hope you understand.

Take care of yourselves, enjoy the musings of the other members of the League of Tana Tea Drinkers and remember to tip the ferryman when he calls on you. Until I return,

Pte. G. Macabre