Thursday, May 8, 2008

Scream Anne, Scream for your Life

"Now you see it, You're amazed, you can't believe it. Your Eyes open wider. It's Horrible Anne, but you can't look away. There's no chance for you Anne, no escape. You're helpless Anne, helpless.
There's just one chance... if you can scream! But your throat's paralyzed, try to scream Anne, TRY! Perhaps if you didn't see it you could scream. Throw your Arms across your eyes and scream Anne, SCREAM FOR YOUR LIFE!"

So here is your chance to be discovered and become the next scream queen, or at least make $250.00 and that's good too. Besides you never really know where life (or death) will take you.

Ryne at The Moon is a Dead World blog has put out the call for submissions to Urban Chillers Scream Contest.
"Urban Chillers are having a contest for the best creative scream.
What I can tell you is that it's a contest for May that asks submitters to
post a video of a creative scream, taken all in one shot, no edits, in 2
minutes or less, and shot on a camera phone. You can win $250 at the end
of May, and there are runner up prizes as well."

For details if your the next Fay Wray here's the place to go...

Gary Macabre

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