Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OTR Tuesday

We like to think that in the comfortable everyday world that there are some things that absolute and final. And in fact some things are, but death is not one of them. It is an odd sensation when one first comes to the realization that they are no longer counted among the living. Simply shuffling off one's mortality isn't always easy. Understandably one becomes quite accustomed to having warm breath and a beating heart. Oh sure the white light is appealing, but for some it's just not quite right. Perhaps there's unfinished business, unrequited love, or perhaps penance or even revenge. For myself there is no better a place to entertain my fascination with life and death than here between them. Here is a trio of old time terrors which tell the tales of others whom have perhaps not made the journey to the lands beyond.

The Mysterious Traveler
No Grave Can Hold Me

Strange Doctor Weird
He Woke up Dead

The Day I Died

Sleep well,
Gary D. Macabre

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