Tuesday, April 1, 2008

King of Fools

Greetings and Condolences once again my friend. Certainly you didn't think I would let April Fools Day go by without a post. While other Horror sites and blogs are undoubtedly posting about a sub par 1980's slasher flick titled as such, or it's 2008 remake, I aspire to present slightly greater moments in movie history.

The Year is 1482 and city of Paris is in celebration. Here in a great square before the Notre Dame Cathedral it is the Festival of Fools. High above it all we are introduced to Lon' Chaney's Quasimodo, "Deaf - half-blind - shut off from his fellow men by his deformities the bells were the only voice of his groping soul. To the towns people he was an inhuman freak, a monstrous joke of Nature and for their jeers he gave them scorn and bitter hate."

His heart was cold and black with spite for all humanity. But there was one whom he would open his heart to. To her he would offer his love, his devotion, his protection and in the end ultimately his very life.

Esmeralda, a gentle and fair beauty. A champion for what is good and pure. To the unjustly condemned Gringoir the poet she would offer justice and release from his fate. To beautiful and charismatic Phoebus de Chateaupers, Captain of the guard she would offer her heart and desire. So what would she offer one such as Quasimodo?

To him she offered pity and nothing more. The same as she would likely offer to a flogged nag, or a beaten mongrel. She would eventually look upon him kindly but that would be all she was willing to give. And when Quasimodo died, she was enjoying a happy ending in the arms of another and only the bells and his one true friend the Cathedral's minister mourned him.

Perhaps he was the King of the Fools after all.

****Celebrating the 125th anniversary of Lon Chaney Sr. birth April 1, 1883****
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Horror pariah said...

Nice tribute to Chaney,the gretest star of the silent era,in my opinion.ironically,my favorite performance of his is in a role which had no makeup,Alonso in THE UNKNOWN(the best thing Browning ever did,in my opinion)the court scene in UNHOLY THREE is also awesome,and as for LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT,i imagine that if found and re-released,teens will love it,if it is a bad movie with the only good thing being the fx and makeup,it'll still be a hit,because thats the same type of movie loved by todays youth.