Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Amazing Death of Mrs. Putnam

Greetings and condolences. First up if you haven't read Fridays post yet (or Thursday's for that matter) Go back and do so now, I'll wait.

Oh, your back. Good lets continue shall we?
Well I must admit that did indeed seem to work out well. You Barely had time to enjoy "The Wailing Wall" before I got this sorted out. (And if you haven't listened to "The Wailing Wall" yet go back and do so, I posted it just for you, so it's the least you could do to listen to it. Really now what were you doing all the while I was waiting there? Or on the other hand if you haven't listened to it yet, you could listen to this first and then return to the "Wailing Wall" as it is a vastly superior performance of everything that made ISM great. Yes perhaps that is best.)

As promised here is the premiere episode of Inner Sanctum Mysteries aired January 7, 1941.

the Amazing Death of Mrs. Putnam

Gary D. Macabre

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