Saturday, March 7, 2009

A shout out from the darkness of here after

Greetings and Condolences. As I sit on the banks of the mighty Styx in silence, hearing the ripples of life and time wash on the rocks of the shore, I look out and see the fragments of an old memory trapped, swirling in an eddy in the middle of the current. Just upstream snagged in the weeds and strainers of the near bank; the bank of the living, there is an accumulation of scraps of dreams unrealized, of loves unrequited and goals unfulfilled. While this is a peaceful and somber spot we the dead still hear the silent footsteps of the living that curiously approach the great river, and see the footprints that they leave in the soft mud. While guests to the Blogue seldom seem to pass comment, their presence is none the less noted, and appreciated.

I was just cruising the Blogue's stats counter, and I thought it worth giving a shout out to to the living who have ventured this way from some unusual lands of their own.

To the tour group from that passed through mid February I say battle on friends and stay warm.

To those who have found there way here from the mysterious portal at Gothic Rose Antiques and Scarlet the talking Macaw, and his/her mysterious mistress who placed the portal there to begin with.

The folks at Horror Blips, that were quite literally that , a brief blip on my radar, but thanks for the mention all the same.

The good folks at the Horror Web blog as well.

Our celebrity visit of Dr. Gangrene who apparently hoped to go un-noticed likely while on Rondo ballot tour.

The deluge of people doing google image searches from Denmark and the UK, hope you found what you were looking for.

To the Lady who googled "100 things to do with plants" I hope she's not too disturbed and will recover in time with therapy.

To the guy who googled "worlds greatest dad" I hope your not taking my advice.

The person Looking for the Virginia Mayo Political Rally, man did you take the wrong turn.

The guys asking google" is aborgast jewish" I have no idea, It's not my business, why don't you ask him yourself.

The the guy or gal in Dundas Ontario with the average time on site of 5.08 min and multiple hits, wow a masochist if there ever was one, but it's appreciated just the same.

Could one of my UK readers (the guy in Wallington perhaps) please check on the guy in Swansea who was logged in for an astonishing 21 minutes and make sure they're still breathing?

Props to my readers in Paris, Belo Horizonte Brazil, Rome Italy (now wouldn't that be cool is the Pope was checking out the land of the Macabre), Copenhagen Denmark ( man I get a lot of good hits from Denmark) Auckland NewZealand, Debrecen Hungary, and Singapore.

To my fellow traveller in Sahuayo Mexico, I really need some of those sugar skulls, can you set me up?

Hey Cancun, I really appreciate the visit and a killer 28 minute Blogue Macabre marathon way to go!!! Seriously now, you've got killer beaches and tropical weather, what are you doing on the banks of the Styx? A cold foggy day in Swansea perhaps, but Cancun?

And my fellow fans of dark places who wander in the US, I ask what's up with North Dakota? the only State I have yet to get a hit from?

The most staggering statistic is that my Public Service Announcement:Making your Zombie Plan has recieved over 1600 views since I posted it last May.

So yes while the living may indeed tread silently amongst the dead, your footseps are well noted.
G. Macabre


Dr Gangrene said...

Gary you are indeed the cool ghoul. Your minions must work overtime, my friend! Keep up the great work on the blog here!

Doc Gangrene

Gary D Macabre said...

Why thank you Doc, but rather you are much closer to the linage of the true Cool Ghoul than I. I am but a wandering soul. I hope this year gets you your well deserved Rondo.