Sunday, November 30, 2008

Macabre's top 10 Horrors

B-Sol over at the Vault of horror has bravely put his neck out by posting the League's top 50 Horror films of all time list. Now perhaps you're saying why is it his neck on the line, it's not his list, just his effort in polling and tabulating input. Well your right, as I was asked to submit my top 10 (and dutifully did so) my neck should be out just as far. So here is my list of top 10 Horror movies of all time.

Bride of Frankenstein
King Kong
Frankenstein ('31)
Phantom of the Opera (I gotta say the '25 version among the other Chaney edits)
American Werewolf in London
Night of the Living Dead
The Haunting
Freaks (or maybe Wicker Man, or Dracula, or Nosferatu...)

OK the hardest spot to fill is definitely the #10 spot.

One thing of note, and I believe it to be significant and somewhat overlooked in he recent buzz this list has spawned, is that when polled the criteria was what we the voters thought was our favourite Horror films. Simple cut and dry, there was no criteria such as most influential, best written, best produced, scariest, etc. And as such my list absorbed some of every one of those categories and often considered on multiple levels. Everyone who submitted a list had to form in their mind what criteria they chose to select their list and voted accordingly to a pretty broad request. The grand scope of the question in my opinion only validates the list even more so.

The final list has some selections which I personally don't agree with (yeah OK state the obvious there bucko, if I did agree with it entirely the list would read like my top 10 now wouldn't it.), some of which I question how other's minds can conceiveably rank in the top 50. I'll say it out right here and now I thought Blair Witch was a bigger piece of crap than SAW, or even Children of the Corn 2, and likely one of my biggest horror film disapointments of all time. And I don't get how Thiller is on the list, but fact is more than one person ranked it high enough to count for whatever reason. But then I admit my mind works on a different frequency.

G. Macabre


John W. Morehead said...

Good list Gary, and as you noted in your comment on my site it's similar to my top ten. Thanks for sharing your disagreements with the LOTTD list in your final paragraph too.

Gary D Macabre said...

Hey John,
Thanks for stopping by and I really enjoyed your post. It got me to thinking and I another post on this topic is in order.