Friday, October 10, 2008

How not to Halloween Prank

OK folks the Haunting season is upon us, and thus it's time to consider are you going to set up a Halloween prank? Well if this is your intention, here are some thoughts on things to how to get it right. Or rather how to get it WRONG

Surprise is always effective, but it must have a bit of planning and set up, just jumping out at someone is first class lame.

Standing around in a Creepy mask creeping people out is cool, but there's a point where you cross that line and the odds of someone just putting a knife or a bullet in you goes up exponentially.

Choose your victim wisely, a prank that fails is disappointing, but a prank gone wrong can be plain bad. Perhaps it's just a minor faux pas in judgment like this case...

But his one is the biggest failure of all times. We're talking therapy and legal action here.

Oh and make sure you understand the meaning of prank, it's apparent theses guys are clueless.

So fellow travelers here's my tips for successful Halloween pranking.

1: Planning is important. Simply winging it usually results in what might be light entertainment, but not as likely to be as satisfying. Come up with a plan and and how you will execute it.

2: Be original. Granted there have been some great ideas out there before and some really have come close to achieving "classic" status. Is not wrong to use a plan that has been done before, but be sure to add your own bent to it and make it your own, and not just a copy of something you saw or heard about elsewhere. Keep in mind you victims may well have seen or heard about it too, and a busted prank is no fun. Is there a way to do it that those familiar won't be expecting it?

An example here is last year I did the scarecrow costume. OK people expect there's someone in the costume, how do I disarm them? The Solution was to put the costume out as a decoration a week in advance so all the neighborhood kids saw it and became accustomed to it. Additionally I set up a fair distance from the candy distribution point. And it worked like a charm.

3: Use discretion: Don't try to bag everyone who comes along, choose your victims. If you can't see them before hand, get an accomplice who can act as your eyes. Traumatizing a three year old is not cool.

4: Keep it legal, 'nuf said.

5: Remember a good Halloween prank should be fun for ALL parties, those doing the scaring AND those being scared or tricked. IF you're the only ones getting any enjoyment from it and your victims are either annoyed or unimpressed, no matter how much fun you think your having you prank is a failure and you are looking like an ass.

G. Macabre

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